Ask me anything   I'm a 23 humyn who got caught in the complexities of migration policy. My experiences as an "undocumented" and now an unDACAmented mujer have shaped who I am.

"I eventually graduated with a degree in journalism from California State University Long Beach. A degree ICE can never take away from me. During that long journey of figuring out what it mean to be an undocumented individual in this country, I also tried to make sense of my queer identity, which I kept hidden from a few folks. I eventually realized that I had to connect the two and try to educate others about the intersectionality of being queer and undocumented."
Julio Salgado
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dignity and respect for our humanity are not easily given, possibly no amount of legal status will ever give us that. I have to give myself & my community that…

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This man is seriously a paragon.

Not fair


Fuck he’s fine!

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